N-TREND is a tree-ring community driven initiative to bring together dendroclimatologists to identify a collective strategy to improve large-scale reconstructions of summer temperatures from new and existing tree-ring archives.

The main aims of N-TREND are to:

  1. provide the wider palaeoclimate community access to a quality controlled data-base of published tree-ring records that express a reasonably robust estimate of local temperatures. These data can then be used in further larger scale compilations and as new records are developed, the N-TREND archive will be updated.
  2. To provide a strategic framework for the dendroclimatic community to identify where research needs to be focused (i.e. updating of old sites, sampling in new locations etc)

We hope the existence and results of N-TREND will help provide important justification for investment in regions where little tree-ring data currently exist.

All are welcome to join N-TREND who are working with temperature sensitive tree-ring archives. When the Part II paper is published we will send out a call for new members.